How to Keep Your Password Safe Online

It is always good to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals, one way to do that is by making sure you have a password that is hard to guess. If your password is easy to guess, one that has been previously used or one that includes a pattern, there is a high chance that our security and privacy are at risk. 

In this article, we are going to look at some of the ways you can keep your password safe and secure without having the fear of your data and privacy breached.

Password DOs
First and foremost, use a password that is a good length because the longer is it, the harder it is to guess. Make you use a mix of characters such as capital letters, symbols and numbers. Think of different passwords for different accounts or platforms and be sure to never tell people what your passwords are, not even your nearest and dearest. One final tip to make sure your privacy is never breached is by changing your password every two or three months because this makes sure you are always using new passwords.

Password DO NOTs
Make sure you use a difficult password that is hard to guess, do not make it easy for people by using you or family members birthdays, anniversaries or addresses. Staying with the same trend of family or friends, do not to use the name of someone or something close to you (kids, spouses, pets etc.) Last but certainly no least, do not use patterns such as ABCDEF or 123456 and do not use obvious words such as password.

Nowadays, cyber crime is such a normal thing modern day life, with people working from home and social media usage on the way up, there is no harm in adding an extra layer of security.